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How It Began

It's Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas!

Winter Wonderland

‚ÄčIt was 1985 and a little boy laid in his bed, gazing out the window at the sparkling C9 bulbs, listening to the filament turn on and off...fascinated by electricity, lighting and entertaining people unbeknownst to those around his, a Winter Wonderland was born. 

In 1987 and the following years, more lights would be added to his home and soon his imagination would take over. Ideas would bubble out, pushing him to create moving decorations that wowed the audience.

Featured in dozens of news articles and tv spots from his early teen years, his passion grew and grew, taking Christmas lighting to a whole new level.


At age 12, at his grandma's house, in Scottsdale, AZ, Chris Birkett began to make his dreams come true. Through the years, 2,000 Christmas lights grew to 65,000 lights and animation.It was at this point where he brainstormed and came up with a digital computerized light show that performs for the audience. He had now created the Winter Wonderland spectacular! These shows include bubbles, falling snow, and magic that fills the air! Birkett always says, "I put my mind where my heart is and my heart where my dreams are, and that's why you see Winter Wonderland! If I can get 'oohs' and 'ahhs' out of an audience, that's what I look for!"

2005-2006: Chris teamed up with Schnepf Farms to present Winter Wonderland setting his own personal lighting record       of 1,500,000 lights!

2007-present: Back At HOME For The Holidays! 250,000 Lights, Snowfall  & Bubbles, digitally computerized with music. Backyard is now has now been FROZEN over (new for 2016)!

2017: Featured on ABC's "The Great Christmas Light Fight", what an awesome and honorable experience!