Winter Wonderland

"It's all about force perspective." - Avari Birkett

How It Began

It was 1985 and a little boy laid in his bed, gazing out the window at the sparkling C9 bulbs, listening to the filament turn on and off...fascinated by electricity, lighting and entertaining people unbeknownst to those around his, a Winter Wonderland was born. 

In 1987 and the following years, more lights would be added to his home and soon his imagination would take over. Ideas would bubble out, pushing him to create moving decorations that wowed the audience.

"I put my mind where my heart is and my heart where my dreams are, and that's why you see Winter Wonderland! If I can get 'oohs' and 'ahhs' out of an audience, that's what I look for!"
--Chris Birkett